Membership ... 

The Arts Corner KIDZ Network Inc. encourages family membership and interaction. We will continue to provide superior service, supplies and selections.

We’re here for you!

Please note: It is our desire to once again promote periodic community activities & events but are not able to do so at this time of being compliant with COVID-19 regulations. 

Membership Fees ...

$20 Annual Family membership fee regardless of family size (enjoy members only activities, get 20% discount on events, kits, pARTi(s),gift certificates, items, artwork & art supplies). 

Members Get:

  • Monthly pre-ordered KIDZ pARTi paint kit(s)



  • Monthly Pre-ordered ADULT pARTi paint kit(s) 

Members Benefits ...

(instructional videos, see all pages: resource pages, T.A.C., Holiday/special day challenges...)

• Members get all the supplies needed to create their painting
• get a link to access instructional videos and get other resources
• may opt to become a part of the monthly ‘Critique’ with your instructor
• Receive 20% Discounts to virtual ‘Join-the-pARTi’ events, plus other items & activities

shipping and Handling is covered in most cases with membership

See all monthly website pages with...

instructional videos (beg./ interm., advanced)

Resource page(s) (step by step, pics, info.)

T.A.C. / Holiday/ special day page (info., pics, artists-of-the-month qualif.)

Competition page (info. and qualif.) bi-monthly

Gallery page / posts - links to social media

Available Clubs ...

*The Arts Corner offers clubs for... 





For more information on clubs click here

Solo membership

$25* - 1 monthly KIDZ pARTi session with paint kit & instructional video access

$38* - 1 monthly 1-Adult pARTi session with paint kit & instructional video access 


Duo membership

$38* - 2 KIDZ pARTi sessions with paint kits (2)


Fam. membership

$72 - FAMILY 4 FUN session with custom-designed pARTi paint kit (you can tailor this kit)

                    (shipping & handling prices vary depending on location, materials & family size)


*includes s&h