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We value cultural exploration, celebrating that which makes us unique to find the similarities which can bring us together...
Join-the-pARTi to celebrate different world cultures that represent the diversity within our own metropolitan neighborhood.

Learn and share in an atmosphere of cultural respect.


Every 3rd Friday from 7:30pm

Culturally relevant vendors are on site as well.

The Arts Corner chooses select cultures to celebrate throughout the year by inviting adults to an evening of cuisine, music, videos, information and conversation.


January    18th   Filipino

February  15th Chinese New Year 2/2, Valentine’s Day 2/14 “To Paris with love”

                   Celebrating Black History all month & on 2/23          

March        17th Irish. St Patrick’s Day,  Reggae Night 15th: (Puerto Rico - Reggae-ton)

April           19th Croatia and Bosnia

May            17th India, Mexican-Cinco de Mayo,  India  

June          21st Reggae Night: island style (Haiti, Cuba, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Barbados...)

July            19th Hawaiian: luau, American - 4th of July celebration, 

August      16th Germany

September 20th Reggae Night:(a night in Angola)

October     18th Swedish

November15th Native American

December 20th Reggae Night- holiday style 

Join us!

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