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Special Sunday pARTi(s)

Join us on the last Sunday of every quarter for a fun pARTi with you and your family!

15% of all proceeds from this paint event will go to Making Strides for Autism

Our Special Sunday pARTi(s) are our way of allowing access to our facility.

We offer discounted seats to those with special needs and those needing special services.


Call us for details or to make special arrangements. Open to groups, families, or individuals.

This special calendar event is brought to you through a collaborative effort between The Arts Corner and The Arts Corner KIDZ Network Inc.

Support the Arts!

Make a contribution to programs such as this, your financial donation is tax deductible. You can also send a monthly contribution to sponsor an individual in an art club or art class. For as little as $38-$58 per month someone in our community can get a chance to be CREATIVE!

Support the Arts
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