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We invite members to be creative as they recognize and celebrate on these special days. Don't forget to tag us when you post your successes






May - Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day

June - Father’s Day

July - 4th of July (Independence Day)

Happpy Mother's Day

From all of us at The Arts Corner KIDZ Network Inc. we hope that this day will be special to many.

We also hope that our kits will make it to families in time so that our artists can create something special as a gift. We cannot control delivery times, however, so if it comes after, please remember that it's never too late to celebrate.

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cinco de Mayo 2.jpg

This Memorial Day please remember our war heroes who have fought on the front lines and in various ways for our freedom. Please also remember the other front line heroes within our borders who have fought a microscopic war yet just as deadly.

Every year the Arts Corner recognizes and celebrates cultures and cultural holidays. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated through pARTi(s) with families and adults.

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