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*Join-the-pARTi  a live Facebook or Zoom event 

(Approved social distancing event) - 1 hour


Meet other artists, musicians, listen to music while painting with us, win a prize 


*Book-a-pARTi (live F/B virtual pARTi)

For instance, a birthday... child or adult

  • Send out our invitations to your pARTi

  • Guests receive their shipped pARTi kit

  • Everyone logs in at your pARTi time

  • Guests send you a birthday pre$ent

  • We play your recorded video, check-in live with you and all guests

  • Intro the theme, get everyone to set up their space and join-the-pARTi

  • An artist walks them through their creation with 3 breaks for music, balloon trivia, movement and giveaways. Finally, a happy birthday sing-a-long song and then everyone posts their comments, pictures, and encouragements on F/B plus other platforms. (Time:1 hour)

  • we send out your thank your video

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