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Virtual pARTi Paint Club FAQs

Your virtual pARTi painting experience is a fun experience for all ages. Enjoy membership in a club and every month you get the opportunity to paint a unique work of art.


What do I receive each month? Each month you will receive all the supplies needed to create one or two paintings (depending on purchase); a link for access to our instructional videos; a monthly ‘critique’ with your instructor; additional members-only resources


What are the monthly fees? Art session prices are listed below. In addition, members will be assessed a one-time fee of $20 for their membership*. Please note: group membership prices will vary. This charge will be applied to your first payment.

·       Solo - $25 - pARTi paint session

·       Duo - $38 - 2 KIDZ or ADULTS pARTi paint sessions

·       Fam - $72 - FAMILY 4 FUN custom-designed pARTi paint kit (you can tailor this kit)

*gives access to members-only activities, 20% discount on events, kits, pARTi(s), gift certificates, items, artwork, and art supplies


Are there additional charges for shipping? Shipping charges are included in the cost of the sessions, however, pricing may need to be adjusted to accommodate any increase in shipping rates.  



Is there a discount for families? Yes, see pricing options above.

Can groups participate? Yes, they can order trial kits, they can also join and get group membership. This entitles every group member to TAC members' benefits.



Can I purchase this as a gift? Yes, we encourage you to give the gift of creativity to someone you love. You can purchase the monthly sessions for someone and we will ship the kits directly to them or we also offer trial session gift certificates as an option.



When will my kit ship? Kits will ship min. 10 days after registration and payment has been received each month. (delivery varies)



What is Take TAC? This is The Arts Challenge (TAC), it’s an opportunity for our members to create other paintings or drawings. Our members can order an extra (4) canvas boards with your paint kit for an additional $10 (less your 20% discount) = $8



Where do I go to sign up? To sign up click here



If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us. (904) 521-1870

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